DirecTV's $100 for referring a new customer


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Aug 25, 2008
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What a danged joke!!! $10 a month off your bill for 10 months.
Oh really! We got DirecTV and they always promote that $100.00 !!!

Oh it is not worth the time and effort just to get ten dollars off!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We don;t have much choice. Dish SUCKS and we cant get cable.

So Direct is better than Dish?

I think so. Let outtages, more channels in the basic package. Better customer service, though I have to say neither one is FANTASTIC. I chose the lesser of two evils.
Yes DirecTV is better than Disk or other cable companies or satellite companies. We never had any problems with it at all...been going on for six years since we had them!
I am just thankful that Ken is a technical wiz. Their customer service is farmed over to India and no one ever "gets" what I am talking about - they read from a script.

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