Disaster! Hatching Chicks with Red mite infestation

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    Jun 12, 2017
    Hi there BYC, we're hatching chicks under a first-time broody hen, just reached day 12 and have taken our broody off the nest to allow her to get some food and water (she refuses to move by herself) only to realise that she's crawling with red mites! As it's our first time hatching eggs and her first time being broody we're not sure what to do in regards to moving her and the eggs to clean the coop and get rid of the infestation? Any advice?
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    That sometimes happens. I generally dust the hen with a pyrethrin based poultry dust, and I sprinkle a bit in the nest. I wouldn't necessarily clean out the nest as you could disturb the hen enough that she goes elsewhere, probably not, but I wouldn't risk it. I have even dusted young chicks and they have been fine. You will probably want to repeat the dusting of the hen in another week.
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    I agree with the dusting but would repeat at least three times with a week in between.
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