Disco Chicks (pics)


7 Years
May 13, 2012
We have a new batch of chicks. They are a motley crue consisting of salmon favorelles, sultans, mottled houdans and partridge silkies. My 8 year old picked out all except the favorelles. She liked all their "hair do's" they will have when grown. She is a firm believer in pet toys so when we went to the pet store after dog food, she came running up the aisle with a handful of toys for the new chicks. Among them were some crinkle and pom pom cat balls, a bird fun house style mirror and a disco ball with a bell on it. She insisted we buy this birdie disco ball because "one day the new babies will have funky disco hair". So I present you with the disco chicks getting their groove on to Stayin' Alive playing on the radio.

I do believe this one was getting ready to bust out his John Travolta moves:

And I could swear I heard the one on the left ask the one on the right if they would like a drink. Then that one peeped yes and asked if Lefty came here often.

And this one peeped a solo under the disco ball that was really quite impressive, I may name her Donna Summer:

Maybe I'm spending too much time sitting in my hot garage watching chicks these days, surely they aren't really shaking their groove thang?!.....

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