Discount Home Automation automatic door


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10 Years
Oct 29, 2009
Has anyone installed this in their coop? I just got mine in the mail but haven't installed it yet. Just wondering if anyone has any tips or pointers before I get started. I have a digital timer that I will plug it into.

I have an automatic door that opens and closes with the daylight and I love it because I like to sleep late!!
I love my automatic door, too. It was not a discount model at all, but worth every penny. I just wish I didn't have to get up before the danged chickens this time of year to go to work! NOT FAIR!
Yep, that's where we got ours! LOOOOVE IT. Had to email them to make sure they had it in stock. No phone number as I recall. But good peeps.

My hubby installed it in NO TIME flat. I was really impressed. We had a door already (a piece of scrap metal). He screwed in the side rails and hooked it up. Works like a charm. Never had an issue with it. We got a timer at Lowes. You can also hook it up to a battery. Check the manual.

I highly recommend the motor and the store.


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