Disease transmission through the egg?


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After reading Southernbelle and PC's posts I'm a little freaked about the thought of getting hatching eggs from others. Before I was aware that MG could spread by egg, I did a trade with a lady for a couple dozen hatching blue eggs (likely EEs). We met through Craigslist, so I know very little about her. Now I'm worried about getting eggs from someone I don't know. How prevalent is MG and how likely am I to have it spread by egg?
What should I do?
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Hate to bump my own post, but I am really needing info before I bring eggs into the house.
How prevalent is it that diseases spread through the egg? Are there ways to limit this transmission short of not bringing hatching eggs onto the property?
City Girl I posted in PC's thread the instructions for heat treating hatching eggs. Warm eggs in incubator slowly to 114.8 for 11 to 14 hours. After heating let eggs return to room temperature. Now these instructions are for eggs that have been exposed, and they list a reduction in hatching by 10%, the same percentage of usual infection. So from what I gather the heat treating does not just kill the organism it kills the infected eggs.

Now when I have enough eggs to test this I will. I don't intend on searching for infected eggs to test, but as long as I get a good hatch I will be confident of the procedure to use it on all hatching eggs.
City I did also. But the difference is you treat before incubating then return the eggs to room temperature and rest them before setting. I plan to test this. If it is successful I will then ship eggs to myself and treat them and test for hatch rate. And then again treating and then shipping before incubation. When I do this I will create a thread and post the results, but it will probably take a couple months.
City, i have the same questions..and i never seem to get an answer...
I also am worried about buying hatching eggs.
What I need for the experiment is somebody to ship me some mutt eggs. If I ship my own eggs to myself it really is only a day in transit, and not the same. Eggs that already have a reliable hatch rate by the shipper.
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Yeah, but the eggs have to be MG positive right? your taking a risk there buddy...
ooh..do you mean just for the temp thing?? DUH! sorry i was confused as usual. My roo is almost old enough to do his job now..i've seen him mounting a few of the smaller hens already. when i see him making the rounds more steady i'll send ya all i can fit in a box!
I will happily send you some mutt eggs! I have two roos in different coops so that should allow for wonky fertility.

Drop me a PM with your address and I will toss a box in the mail for you (gently toss anyway).

I am very curious to find out the answer to your plan. It makes sense on many levels.

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