disoriented hen, pecked at or molting, lethargic - help!


9 Years
Sep 24, 2013
i put some garlic in their water this morn, i'm not sure if i need to separate her from the other 4 ladies, or feed her some meds...any ideas will help, please. she's just over one year old.
thanks for your reply, im really worried. she us 1.5 yrs old, she is a red sex link and has four sisters that until nowhave been very harmonius. she us disoriented, dry comb, with crusty and flaky skun around her neck where she has been aggrssuvely pecked at by her sisters. she is disoriented, and seems to have trouble with balance and her feet. her back feathers are aimed downwards, she is depressed and terrified of the other hens. what should i do?
also, i removed her from others, her poop is a bit runny, and she still drinks and eats when i hand feed her...should i give antibiotics, or is the garlic in their water enough? i gave her a kombucha scoby also...thanks for any help...
Has she come to you recently from another? Coccidiosis can occur in older hens that normally are immune to it, if they are re-homed and exposed to a new strain. Some have diarrhea, others bloody stools, are lethargic, tails down, ruffled feathers are signs. Corid (amprollium) a cattle medicine is the treatment. Molting will cause flaky skin, but they usually stop laying eggs. Is that a soft shell egg that she passed?
thanks for your feedback...i dont know for sure if this was her egg, it hasn't happened since.

i think it is a neurological disease. she has been isolated from her sisters for a week now. she is still disoriented, wobbly and vulnerable with a pale comb and wattles. she eats and drinks, her poop is greenish. i can't seem to identify which disease LL(?), and i suppose it could also be cancer or a stroke. her comb is a bit more red, but it doesnt seem like she's improving..any thoughts will help...
Give some electrolytes and feed her boiled eggs (make sure they are not store bought egg that you boil) I am rally not sure what this could be.
thank you...ill try that, no diarreah,she definitely has an appetite still, but no coordination - she keeps stepping in her food. most of what i read on diseases sounds familiar, but not exactlywhat she has...so confused abiut hiw to treat her. her comb has some spots, maybe from the pecking? and she has a new black spot on her face. am i digging here?

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