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    Jun 14, 2016
    So it took almost a year for my chickens to start laying. I found out, through trial amd error, they dont eat enough. Not because they arent being offeres enough, but because they are picky.
    So I have only two chickens. They apparently need to be fed in a bowl, each their own, next to the dogs bowl. Twice a day, plus a snack.
    They hate chicken feed. They hate dirty water. They have been known to flip their bowls and stare into my soul with distaste.Food on the ground will not be touched for days. Even if its the exact same in the bowl.
    Anway, now that ive got their diet figures out they are both laying twice a day - most days. I usually get 3 eggs.
    But, have I created monsters? The one will jump out of the coop and come and yell at me from the porch if she needs something. Amd godforbid she gets trapped in the yard (one can get out of the coop but cant get back in) when she has to lay an egg. I feel like they ate tiny toddlers.

    Is it normal to be so... well.. cat like? They are basically cats.

    *i want to add that they are extremely affectionate and usually they run at me when i open the door because they want to be pet... its just the divaness im concerned about. They have alot of attitude*

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