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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Amberjem, Jan 1, 2015.

  1. Amberjem

    Amberjem Overrun With Chickens

    why not?
  2. Amberjem

    Amberjem Overrun With Chickens

    what??? :p
  3. vehve

    vehve The Token Finn

    Sam, we'll see what it is. Like I said, this was organic soil, so you never know...

    JWB, prescriptions for vet meds sounds like a good idea to me, your country's antibiotic use policies are terrifying at the moment.

    Cute Svarthöna.

    Here's our project for the day, putting together a little bunny tractor.


    Still need to cut out a back door for the hutch, make a frame for the door to the run, and put together the run. Here's an idea of how it's going to look:


    I'll put in a wood framed wire door in the end, it will support the whole structure. The run will be maybe 3 or 4 sections long in reality. Adding 28" x 36" of run to this costs 7.50 €.

    *Edit* The house part also comes apart, and the run will be held together with zip ties, so the whole thing can be stored in almost no space if we get tired of the bunnies.
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  4. Mahen100

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    Nov 5, 2012
    Ellendale, TN
    ambergem, I didn't comment because I started reading 44 posts back without first reading the latest posts, and figured I might end up with 100 more so that what I was posting was "late to the party?" lol but I will here....

    @ Beer can I am about out of wood here too, and have never had this Vermont Castings cranked three days running without even removing any ash. Argggg that is gonna be one chore.

    @ whoever lives in warm enough climes to get out and dig holes and pull ivy....lucky you...and I will pass!

    @mini That is one powerful pretty chick, and you've sent me to search out about the (forget name) breed of which I don't know nuttin. [​IMG]
  5. Amberjem

    Amberjem Overrun With Chickens

    [​IMG] awesome!
  6. Amberjem

    Amberjem Overrun With Chickens

    @Alaskan we need a chick fix!! .. hey @vehve speaking of chicks havent seen any pics of your babys for a bit??? would love to see pic of flappys wound site also
  7. vehve

    vehve The Token Finn

    I can try to get some pics tomorrow. They're starting to be pretty big already, and they're venturing out into the run every once in a while.
  8. Amberjem

    Amberjem Overrun With Chickens

    mine started venturing out into the free range area to nibble scratch when I toss it out...mostly they stick to the henhouse run and henhouse still though...they are about half the size of the big girls now...
  9. Alaskan

    Alaskan The Frosted Flake

    olive eggers, with brown permanment marker on toes, does NOT work.

    my two white leghorn chicks... let me cry, because this means that my rooster is a HETERO not a HOMO for rose comb [​IMG]

    I am trying to decide if I have the heart to take them and feed them to the muscovy ducks. [​IMG]

    2 of the 14 Marans
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  10. vehve

    vehve The Token Finn

    It's still pretty cold, so they mostly stick inside. Plus they're afraid of the big ones. Those haven't been in other than to lay all winter. They seem satisfied with sleeping out in the run.

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