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  1. I made one of these bucket/eye bolt/washer/nut feeders. Happened to have some small red pvc to slip between the washers to catch their eyes. Put it out night before last as only source of food to try to get then hungry enough to figure it. Sat in the run yesterday morning with them to demonstrate. At least one figured it out at that point. Today is day 2 of use and they were not crabbing about being hungry when I went out, so they're getting enough. But, I also noticed they pecked the bottom nuts off. Resulting in all the bottom parts falling off the eye bolt. I actually put 2 nuts on the bottom when I first built it. Because, before I had it as their main feeder, I noticed it would come loose.

    So my question is has anyone else made/used this design had this issue and a solution? Would a locking nut work? Put some plumber's tape where the nuts tighten the bottom? Glue and make it permanent? Or after figuring it out, do they not need the addition to peck at? Or do they?

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    If you double nut it and tighten nuts against each other, no known chicken should be able to loosen nuts. You can use a locking nut with a nylon tip, or make your own locking nut by slightly damaging threads on nut. (or rod) If it goes on difficult, then it will be difficult to remove by chickens.
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