Diy cat house/hideout


Sep 10, 2019
So I recently got a cat. I got him from the shelter so I dont really know the breed, but he is pretty big in size. We havent been able to get him a proper scratching post, so I'm going to be making one for him. I was thinking about attaching it to this crate we have that's attached to the wall. Does anybody have any ideas of how I would do this? And the main part of the crate will be a hideout/bed for him. Any advice would be appreciated
If you can nail together some 2x4, nail them together in the shape of the tree, post, or hide to you want, you an do any shape. After you get you 2x4/2x6 structure nailed/screwed together, then staple down burlap sack chunks or carpet. We make a house out of plywood, and 2x4s and then wrapped it in burlap. It looks great!
I have fancier scratching posts, but the one that gets the most use is a piece of plywood with carpet glued on, leaning against the wall. You may not even have to attach something like that to your crate.

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