Do Ameraucana like really dark places to lay eggs?

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    I think two of my hens are Ameraucanas. Do they need private, really dark places to lay compared to other breeds?

    Both of them laid in the nest boxes along with my brown egg layers and then both suddenly stopped. I have looked everywhere for eggs where they free range in a fenced in yard. A yard barn on a slope has one half blocked off. They use the open half for shade and I have not seen any eggs there. Yesterday I heard a chicken singing the egg song by the yard barn and later saw an Americauna squeeze out from under the half that was blocked off. I found a hole and took off the access panel and pulled out old leaves and eggs with a rake. The yard barn is completely shut up now.

    Do I need to lock the chickens up in the coop during their normal egg laying time?

    This is my nest set up. I have 4 nest boxes for seven chickens.






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    Some of my EEs tend to be really bad about hiding nests also. They do seem to like quiet dark places more than the straight production breeds, and some really do not like to share. I use square 12-14" cardboard boxes with a door cut out now for nest boxes and it seems to make everybody happy. I would try to make your nest boxes a little more inviting, put some fake eggs in if you haven't already, and lock the girls in for a few days when they should be laying eggs.

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