do any of you have trouble selling your eggs

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im finally realizing a dream of mine by having my bantam ameraucanas and i might be buying some speckled sussex....but anyway do any of you have problem selling your eggs because you dont have the best of the best? im just wondering because i can't really afford the best of the best and i still want to be able to sell my eggs. i was just wondering, i would love to hear some of your stories if you have any about selling your eggs and your dealings with that sort of thing so i have some clue about what im getting into.
we sell close to , oh Lord, 10,000 or better a year. Just put them on ebay if nothing else. I have never had to eat a single egg, usually they are sold out before I can even collect them. But then again all my stuff is pretty rare too, back to that supply/demand thing.
Here, ebay, and eggbid are great tools to use to keep your supplies from sitting around. Just be honest about you stock, it'd quality, post the best pics of them you have, do a great job packing and build a good reputation with them and you should have no trouble.
Good luck
I have no problems selling any of my eggs for hatching. Even those that some would consider mixed, I consider them designer and sell them as such. For instance, I have a White EE rooster (who's father was a pure white, pure bred ameraucana and who's mother was a buff orpington) over my four buff orpington hens. These chicks are gorgeous and most if not all will have the colored egg gene.

It's all in how you say a thing. I try first and foremost to sell local, because the hatch rate is so much higher. But I do sell a lot of eggs through priority mail too.
Craigslist can be a really cool friend.
i guess im just nervous and in need of a little comforting from my BYC family. So thank you. I'm also affraid of getting a bad rep so i guess im going to have to do alot of research on packing and things. I still would like to hear input on everyones egg sales.
just be honest and you'll have no problems.
Best way I like to pack is to bubble wrap each egg, place it big end up in an egg carton, place some paper or any form of filler in the carton to it barely shuts (you donw want the eggs to be able the shake in the carton) Tape it shut, fill the box about half way with newspaper, packing peanuts, what ever you like to use. Center the carton in the box and very tightly pack newspaper around the carton so it cant possibly move, then finish filling the box. When I pack mine, after I pack around the carton, you can actually turn the box upside down at that point and the carton will not fall out. You do all this to keep vibrations and rattling to a bare minimum as that is the main cause of eggs not hatching. All that will rupture the aircells and render them useless, To untrained eyes, they then will appear infertile, when actually they are just internally damaged. Dispite your best efforts, the P.O. will still get some (but where would we be without them, could you imagine a world where we couldnt ship eggs or birds!), and people will get mad at times, you just have to talk to them and assure them. Also I always inform everyone of the risk involved before they buy shipped eggs. Usually never have a problem then.
Don't forget to check the rules for shipping eggs. If you look on the board of animal health website it will tell you exactly what requirements there are to ship to each state. NPIP certification is the norm for most states. Just as an example, I know for some states like mine, no turkey eggs or poults are allowed to be shipped in the state.

As far as packing, just take lessons from a few BYC members. They are awesome!
ya im in the process of hatching out bantam ameraucanas and EE's so if all goes well i hope to sell my first eggs around march! boggy bottom i went to your site love the d'anvers!

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