Do chicken eggs sell?

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    Feb 13, 2016
    I am in rural W. Washington where lots of people have chickens. I have a small flock of 4 ducks and 12 chickens (11 hens). I have people clamoring for eggs @ 3.50 a dz for chicken and 4.50 for duck. The owners of my local Thai restaurant have become friends and they di partial trade for all my extra eggs for my dinners! Of course they do not use them for customers...only personal food.
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    I think the question is not do the eggs sell, but really why are you interested in selling them? If its to offset costs of keeping your chickens and to get rid of spare eggs then absolutely. I have never had any trouble getting my eggs to sell. I live in Virginia near coast and we sell ours in color variety of brown, pink and green at $4 dozen and $6 for 18 ct. If I am honest, we sell a lot more than we ourselves consume. Both my fiance and I have regulars who want eggs every week at work. Occasionally, there are weeks where suddenly other coworkers are asking for them as well and we have to start a waiting list. We do not buy any cartons and actually have more cartons than we need because anyone who knows we have chickens, whether customers or not, bring us any cartons they may have multiple times a week. If you let anyone you work with or family and friends know, before long, you will have plenty of cartons stored up and then some for what you need. That takes away some of the cost. We only currently have 7 hens and the 50lb bag of feed we buy them cost just around $12. We can get that easily just by selling two 18 ct.s in a week. Our girls are pretty consistent layers even in winter. If you have chickens, I say try it, and see how you do. Most people once they have tried the fresh eggs will always prefer to buy them than the store bought. I am no expert only a year into this chicken keeping, but its been a great experience including all the ups and downs. No negatives that we have found so far.
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    One more thought: DO NOT DELIVER. You will eat up all your profit in gas, and be at the mercy of someone else's schedule. That said, i do deliver to one client, but she lives only a mile from my house and she pays more than i charge other customers. Each of my customers has a day their eggs should be ready, and i text them the night before asking if they need eggs and letting them know how many i have. And they let me know what time they'll be buy the next day to pick up. If we can't be home, I leave the eggs in a cooler on the porch and they leave the money inside. If they don't need eggs that week, their eggs go to the next customer. Customers that go to my church get their eggs at church. That's no problem since i'm there anyway. I rarely have eggs to give away.
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    Thank you everyone for replying! I have read every single reply, it's just that there's too many so I can't respond to all. And for the common questions, I'm not planning on starting a business. I just want maybe 30-40 chickens so when I sell their eggs, they will just buy their own food, technically. I did the math and it works out great. My main concern, like many, is that I am not a risk taker. So I just wanted to get other people's experiences on selling eggs. But they all seem like positive experiences. That's great!

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    No need to reply..........YES!!!!, boy, do they ever sell. I bought a box of blank egg cartons on line and a rubber stamp with the name of our farm on it, stamped up the cartons, painted a plywood oval white and wrote "EGGS" on it, stuck it, a cooler of egg cartons, and a cheap locking mail box outside the gate. That was all she wrote. DO NOT UNDERVALUE YOUR EGGS!!! These are NOT store bought eggs and anyone silly enough to expect them to cost the same as the poor jailbird hens' eggs doesn't deserve you and your girls. Get the price right and they will pay for their feed and for the retired hens also. Remember - you have to allow for the slowdown in winter. You might consider a few Khaki Campbell ducks, too. My friend's and mine laid right through the winter. I used to have a customer whose daughter was allergic to chicken eggs, but could eat duck eggs. I also had a vegetarian customer who bought from me because she knew I do not kill my hens. They are just retired to fertilize the yard and pastures.

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    If you decide to sell duck eggs, you'll have to buy egg cartons for duck eggs. They don't fit in chicken egg cartons. You can find them on line.
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    I can't speak for others, but I've had a great time selling my eggs. I have 31 hens and a rooster. The hens are of varying ages and breeds, but most are known to be good egg layers, and I typically get between 18 and 25 eggs a day. I average selling 6 boxes of 18 eggs a week with what I get, and I often have a waiting list of people who want eggs. I sell at work and at my chiropractor's office! I walked in with 3 boxes and they were gone in 30 seconds. I took another three in the next visit, and those went about that fast too. My advertising is "word of mouth" at this point, so I've been able to keep up with demand and have a nice selection for my own family, when we want them. Cage free brown eggs are about $6.50 in the stores here for 1 1/2 dozen, and I sell mine for $5.00. If they want just a dozen, it's $3.50. I also live on 10 acres out in the country, so I rarely sell in my neighborhood since most of them have chickens of their own. I do give extras to my elderly neighbors though. Good luck!
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    Do you tell people that they are potentially fertilized since you have a rooster? There are people here on BYC that buy eggs from the grocery store and incubate and hatch them!! [​IMG]
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    Do some people have an aversion to fertilized eggs?

    Huh???? LOL Maybe I just need another cup of coffee but... am I missing something?
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