Do chickens get colds?

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    I have 4 hens that are 6-7 months old and one came down with a rough sound in her chest. It is not wheezy, but rumbly and this morning when I went to check on them she sneezed. She looks good, and is eating good, but she did get very wet the other day when the barn door got shut by accident. Do they get colds? And if so how do I treat it? Thanks in advance for this help, I do not want to lose this girl, I would miss her greatly.
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    Chickens do not get "colds" - but there are many respiratory illnesses that they can contract. The treatment will depend on which (if any) of the illnesses she has - and that would be a matter of using symptoms to narrow things down a bit. You can read about the various illnesses and their symptoms here All that being said, chickens sometimes need to sneeze to clear their nares (nasal openings on the beak) - if it's just an odd sneeze here and there and no other symptoms I would not be concerned about it, but I would be keeping a close eye on her for the next few days so that if/when she did start showing any other symptoms I could act immediately. You could separate her now as a precaution if you felt it was necessary.

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