Do day old chicks pick on each other?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Iloveourbabychick, Apr 13, 2009.

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    Jun 29, 2008
    Today me and my mom went into Tractor Supply and we saw baby chicks bleeding..I mean bad...From their wings and back and butt.And the other chicks who were the same size and age were constanitly pecking at these poor chicks wounds.It was horiable.There was bunches of chickens had to be able 100 chicks in with these hurt chicks. Is this normal for like day old chicks to do this to one another?There was only 4 ones with alot of blood on them.We told the people that work there and they say oh its normal and that They are cannibals.I know they would eat meat but I mean do baby chicks really pick on each other to the point of bleeding???And no one does anything...We are upset.
    We got my father too et them out of there.But theres 15 more there.
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    Some chicks do, many don't. But once they get a wound going, they seem to be kind of "programmed" to peck at blood.

    Add in the overcrowding that the farm stores sometimes have, and it happens.

    It sounds like you got some out of there. You did a good deed, and it's not your responsibility to fix everything.

    Here's a suggestion: If you think the original store was truly neglectful, buy your future feed somewhere else. Tell them (calmly) that the reason they're not getting more of your money is because they don't take care of their animals. Customer feedback can help fix this kind of thing, and they make their money in the feed, not the chicks.

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