Do ducks sleep like chickens?


9 Years
Oct 28, 2010
When chickens go to sleep you can just pick them up and carry them off. Do Muscovy ducks sleep the same way? Can I just pick my scovies up while they're sleeping?
Yeah ducks sort of go into a state of shock when they sleep they just sit there and don't move!
This is sounding promising!
Their wings have grown out and need to be clipped again so I need to cage them.
I've heard of muscovies flying away for the day and returning at night so you don't have to worry that much about it as Scottie's can be quite menacing at times!
Well yeah that's kinda the problem....they're flying away and going into my neighbor's pond....she's no too happy about it.
Oh you have no idea! She came home from work today and caught the ducks in her pond. She laid on the horn all the way from the road to in front of my house. She continued to sit out in front of my house and honk the horn like a crazy person. I was ignoring her.
This is the third time they have been in her pond. I was able to herd them into a pen but they escaped (cheap bird netting). So now I've fixed it with better netting and hope to get them while they're sleeping tonight.

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