Do heavy paver stones on top of fence work well for the run's edge?

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    Oct 7, 2013
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    I was thinking of making a run using locust wood and wire fencing. I was going to have a locust board on the ground with the fence attached to the outside, and then bend the fencing 90 degrees so it comes out in front of the fence. Then I was going to put paver type stones that lowes has on top of that fence to make it durable and safe for kids. How does that sound?
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    Quote: It sounds me
    If you put 1/4 inch of dirt over the wire, grass will grow up though it and it will not only be safe but will be anchored in place at NO COST to you

    It will also be MUCH easier if you install the fence normally and then use seperate STRIPS of wire for the apron, rather then trying to bend AND nail one piece.

    You'll get better results that way with less aggravation
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