Do I HAVE to have something to measure humidity for my incubator?


10 Years
Jul 23, 2009
North Carolina
The title pretty much says it all. I found a clutch of guinea eggs outside a few months ago and hatched 1 out of 12 guineas. It could have been because they have been sitting outside too long.

I have an egg turner in a "still air" styrofoam incubator. I also have a thermometer (of course)..

I really really need more guineas. I only have 4 plus one teenager. We had 25 before we had a visitor a few nights in a row from a coon (we caught him now!)
I am thinking about ordering more guinea eggs online if I find a good price.. (before they stop laying..mine already have) but I wanted to know that question before I do. If I DO need something to measure humidity, what should I get?
After trying a couple different options, I bought a hygrometre for reptiles at a pet store. It is digital and it works great. I think it cost me around $20...worth the investment.
No you don't HAVE to have something. The risk there being if you're adding water to the 'bator and it gets too humid though. I don't have a hygrometer in my 'bator but I run mostly dry hatches.

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