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    I'm planning to use the 'natural' method of egg hatching - a broody hen. I've never done this before and neither has she.... So it'll be a really interesting experience.

    So I'm going to coordinate the 6 - 8 eggs with one of my gals and I've been reading and thinking about all the things which can go wrong... You know - the hen changes her mind and doesn't want to sit on them ... or whatever. So now I'm wondering if I need a back-up plan.

    These eggs will be pretty special (Barred Hollands and Marans) and I really don't want to lose any that might be viable, so what is the least expensive way to set-up a back-up bator and/or brooder?

    ps. I'm also looking for the best book on the topic...any suggestions?
  2. silkiechicken

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    If they are valuable eggs... best have a back up plan with an unproven broody. Plus, it will be hard to truly coordinate fertile eggs with a broody unless the flock you are getting them from is really near and you can get them soon after she decides to set.

    For book, I am not sure... but I'm sure people here have lots to share!
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    Not all hens will go broody. Trying to predict when one will go broody is near to impossible. I understand wanting to hatch the eggs in the most natural way but the only back up plan I know of is an incubator. You can build one or you can buy one -maybe even borrow one.

    Good luck on whatever you decide.

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