Do I need help or what?

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9 Years
Jul 18, 2010
Marshfield, Ma.
Well Irene has come and gone,all my girls are safe and secure. Got a good bit of wind and a little rain here in eastern Mass. Got quite a few branches down all around with a good size one clipping the edge of the run and bent a pole on the top part but wont need repair,thank goodness. Lost a top of a big oak in the corner of the yard,but no big deal. Through all of it the girls pumped out 9 eggs today,not bad giving the conditions.

But the help I need is that we lost power about 1:30 est and I was jonesing for some BYC,so what does one do? I go drag out the generator,get it running,run a cord up to where the computer is in the family room and plug in the surge protector with all the fixings. Then I run another cord to the basement to where the Fios comes in and plug that box in and now life is good.

How addicted can I be? Going through all of the hassle just to come to this site to read and post is answer enough.
Well, you could do what I do not having a computer at all... Use your fancy shmancy high powered cell phone to do all your online stuff.

I get it though, I love this place, and I think my husband enjoys me having others to talk to about our chickens.
I am not a techy by any means but I get by. Even if I was how would I charge that fancy shmancy phone? Would have to drag out the generator. Besides I am awful with phones,I got a rough service one that takes a beatin but still manage to damage it. Cant even imagine what would happen to a smart phone after its dropped 1000 times and kick it when I bend to pick it up. Not to mention the weather it gets used in. But I get your point.

They are talking a day or two before power is back,maybe I should unplug the computer and plug in the fridge.Tomorrow will do.
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My generator is running as I type.

As far as charging the phone, there's always the car charger. WRT the phone enduring abuse, I have to admit getting the use of a tractor-mounted tiller to open up my garden a few years back. All that twisting in the seat to keep the tilling going as I wanted it, I managed not to notice nudging my cell out of its holster. Neighbor popped over wonderin' why we were both out there with forks turnin' up a just-tilled garden.

I found it. It wouldn't ring, but it did have power so that the good folks at the phone store were able to transfer my directories and whatnot over.

Havin' the 'puter up is an ancillary (if welcome) benefit to havin' the freezers runnin'.
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