Do I need to de-worm?

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    I've been reading through the posts and came upon many mentions of de-worming. Does everyone need to do this? I have never given anything to my hens other than feed and treats. Should I have been de-worming them? What do I give them? If I do give them a de-wormer do I have to not eat the eggs for a while. They are just getting to laying as they are very young still.

    I've seen mention of pumpkin seeds being helpful. Raw, cooked, chopped or whole?

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    Tis the season for pumpkins whole, unsalted, & unbaked. I plan on doing it as a preventative measure. I am new to this but I know I have read there is one dewormer out there that you do not need to abstain from eating the eggs, but I forget what its called. Like I said I plan on just going the seed route, trying to get away from chemicals.
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    Ok, so this is very interesting? You mean that pumpkin seeds act as a dewormer? What about other squash seeds?

    Wow, the things you learn.
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    You can also use d.e. as a preventative. My chickens have been on it since they were very small and I've never had a problem with worms. I'm sure you could do a search and many threads will come up and you could read all about it. The good thing about it you can still eat your eggs. [​IMG]
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    Yes supposedly any winter squash has this "active ingredient" just do not ask me what it is... [​IMG] some one smart might come by soon and tell us what it is I just know that someone is NOT me.....
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    Aug 26, 2007
    Longmont, CO
    I have a ton of spaghetti squash from the garden, if that will work, I'll get right to it.

    How do you know if they need to be wormed or not?
  7. eggzettera

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    You take a fecal sample to the vet.

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