do I need to gag my dog?

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    my dog ate almost all of a 3 inch wide 5 inch long piece of chocolate pie that was almost completly chocolate (some pieces hard others cream - like) she is a small dog that weighs less than 8lbs should I gag her to get the chocolate out of her? I know chocolate is VERY dangerous to dogs and we cannot afford a vet so back to the question, should I gag her?
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    your in america right?!
    if so the actual amount of cocoa in a chocolate cream pie is VERY low...its mostly dye, cream, sugar ect...theres very little actual cocoa in it...
    while i wouldnt make a habit of letting her have it...
    it SHOUDLNT be an issue...
    watch her for listlessness, unsteadyness and vomiting...but i wouldnt force her to vomit...
    you may find her a little more hyper than usual after something with that much sugar LOL! she may also have a upset tumy later...but she should be fine
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    I am kind of wondering how you are going to gag her. Like stick your fingers down her throat? Ick.

    She is most likely going to throw up and have the trots.
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    She should be okay. Just watch her, she might throw up or have it come out the other end...sorry lol.
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    Hydrogen peroxide makes dog barf
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    I woul call a vet or go to an emergency clinic. Maybe consider some ipecac syrup and charcoal if you can't take her in. A small dog, doesn't take much chocolate. Chocolate and small dogs scare me. I have two toy dog so we are very careful with chocolate and any dropped pills.
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    That's more sugar and garbage than chocolate. I wouldnnt worry.
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    Jun 24, 2011
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    Quote:That's entirely untrue! Milk chocolate is not very likely to kill a dog, and is way less harmful than bakers or dark chocolate. After all, if I ate the equivalent amount of milk chocolate that would be toxic to a dog I would be pretty sick too. But it is by no means "harmless." And an 8lb dog is small enough that they can eat enough milk chocolate to cause problems, I've seen it first hand when a client's toy poodle ate one of those giant Hershey's kisses. Even if the dog doesn't eat enough milk chocolate to be a toxic amount, the sugar and fat (and in many cases the packaging since most dogs snarf that right down along with the chocolate) could be enough to trigger pancreatitis, which can be deadly if not treated (and can also increase their risk of becoming diabetic later in life).

    Thank you for posting that link. It is a very well written article which outlines the dangers of chocolate without being alarmist. To the OP, the amount of actual chocolate in the amount of cake you describe is unlikely to cause toxicity in your pup. I would definitely keep a close eye on her though for signs of pancreatitis (repeated vomiting, lethargy, abdominal pain/tenderness, dehydration, significant decrease in appetite or anorexia, and prolonged diarrhea...I would expect her to have loose stools and diarrhea for a day or two, but if it persists longer than that it may be an indication of something more serious) because as stated before pancreatitis is in itself a serious disease and can be triggered by eating things a dog isn't supposed to.
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    Jun 24, 2011
    My Bad ,just alot less toxic, pce herb

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