Do I transfer the quail eggs to a better ‘bato

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Celeste Cannon

5 Years
Jan 15, 2018
Los Angeles, California
I received 18 quail hatching eggs last Friday, five more than expected 😬. This left me needing to use my really bad incubator that barely maintains humidity and temperature. I got a better incubator today, an automatic turner. The other incubator 12 of the eggs are in is a manual turner, so do you think it would be better to move the eggs from the manual to the auto? or will that big of a change affect my hatch rate?

I’ve attached pics of all the ‘bators, white one is the junk one that I won’t be using anymore.

Also, is an interval of 45 mins too much turning for the eggs? It’s what the incubator is already set to but it seems like so much.


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I can't answer your question about turning frequency - hopefully someone will, but I would be reluctant to use an incubator with poor environmental controls.

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