Do my birds need pullorum test if they are NPIP clean?


Feb 15, 2019
New Jersey
Hi all!
I've been looking into entering a lot of my birds (25+) in Poultry shows, and saw that they needed to be tested for pullorum. Is this pullorum test at the show, or do I need to get somebody to test prior to the show? In a week we are having our state agent come out and test all of our birds so we can get NPIP certified. If we receive our NPIP certification, do we still need to get our birds pullorum tested before the show(s)?
Thanks in advance!
I plan on getting the NPIP certification anyway so I can ship eggs across state lines, so do I still need to get them tested at the show?
Thank you!
It's optional if you want to get them tested at the show.

I am also wanting to get NPIP certified so I can ship eggs, out of state, or across the state.
Thank you!
I'm just wondering is it required for them to be tested at the show or before the show if they are NPIP clean. . :)
It's Optional . I read the requirements several months ago. I'm pretty sure their site is copyrighted, so I can't link it here without permission.

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