Do NOT use hydrogen peroxide!!!!!!


7 Years
Oct 26, 2012
Just putting this out there... Do NOT use hydrogen peroxide to ckean your animals cuts... Actually you shouldn't be using it on yourself either. It's a wonder how us as people are not informed about this by the medical system! The bubbles it creates will only push the infection and bacteria down! Flush with warm water and soap for minor wounds. If worse visit a vet.... Or your doctor if its you..
It stops the healing process just like it stops the germs, so everytime you use it the healing process has to start over causing a much bigger scar and a longer healing time.

I am not saying their are not times when it should be used but it is used far more often than needed, it is best used if the wound is fresh and has alot of dirt in it.
I don't know if I'd recommend it for chickens but if I have a cut getting infected, I'll use it once or twice. Nothing does the job like it. My dermatologist recommended it to reduce scaring on some incisions he made. Funny thing is a couple months later, he said don't use it on some other problem area (some type of skin dermatitis I was having). It's still the best first aid for me when a wound is getting red and angry looking. I wouldn't put it on a new cut, that's for sure. It can sting like heck.
The problem with hydrogen peroxide is that it is not properly used. Read the label. Having said that, I find most people use it wrong, so it is better not used. The damage comes from the straight peroxide denaturing the proteins in the cells. This kills them. That way the exposed cells are killed, so a whole layer is now dead all the way to the bottom of the wound.

All this needs to be removed for proper cleaning, but most leave them not knowing better.

Mixed 50% with water is the proper solution. Nobody seems to do that.

Hard to beat soap and water, followed by an antibiotic and dressing.


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