Do radios work to reduce crowing?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by kittydoc, Nov 16, 2014.

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    We have five roos, three of which crow (mostly wicked early, like 5 AM until sunup--then they are quiet almost the entire rest of the day). Making their enclosures entirely light tight will be somewhat of a challenge, and we have already put on homemade "crow less" collars (which do help somewhat). It wasn't as bad until the time change. I figure a lot of people are awake by 6-something, certainly if they have kids to get off to school, but now that 6 AM is 5 AM I worry about annoying my neighbors.

    I've read a couple of places that having a radio on a timer reduces crowing. Has anyone on the list tried this? Which is better, music or talk radio? All I know is that they VERY rarely crow if they see or hear me, so I'm thinking maybe if they think people are that nearby, they might quiet down a bit.

    If we already had a radio, I'd just try it out, but we don't have one with a cord that we can put on a timer.

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    Interesting idea, if it works, you should do an article.

    Since they are quiet when they hear you, it seems more likely to work if you can figure out something to record your voice? If you go with music or a talk radio, it may worsen things initially til they learn it's not a threat?

    I have no rooster experience, just love new ideas that could help others.

    What about a 2 way talk baby monitor…some I understand are not expensive. You would have to set your clock and get up before the roos crow for a while, but if it works, they may learn?

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