Do roos only have iridecint tail feathers?


9 Years
Mar 2, 2010
I have 5 barn yard specials that are about 2.5 months old...or is it 3.5....I can't remember. Anyway, two have some iridecent in their tails, does that mean they are roos? I'll try to get pics tomorrow if it's not raining.
In most cases, yes. Now, hens can also have iridescence, but not as early or as much. But to be sure - Pics do help.
I have several black hens whose tail feathers look green and purple in the sun due to their black color but not only do their tails look green their whole body looks green and purple, so it would depend on the breed. If its not a black chicken breed than yes iridescent would be an indication of roos. My black polish EE cross's look the same male and female so I look for the saddle feathers to be sure, then nab and move to the grow out for dinner pen.


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