Do these look fertile? Better Picture added!


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So I bought 1 dozen rhoad Island Red fertile eggs today, but 3 of them were too dirty to put in the incubator, so I cracked them to see if they were fertile (the guy I bought them from was a little fishy.
...), and I dont see the red spot, but this is my first time, am I mssing something?



If they don't work out I also bought 17 eggs (4 different breeds) from another local very nice lady, whome I trust, so no big loss.

Thanks guys!

I added a better picture on page 2!
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they dont look fertile to me
but maybe an expert will come along
i dont think its a redspot that determines if its fertile or not
i beleive it a white ring in the middle.
I was thinking I saw a bullseye on the very bottom egg in the pics, but I'm not entirely sure at second glance. There is just too much glare to see.
It's hard to take pic of egg yolks! I have trouble with that myself.
I can't see a bullseye on either. Unless it's on bottom... where we can't see
Yup... flash is creating to much glare. You need to find the little white circle on the yolk. If it looks like a bullseye then it is fertile.

I can't tell either, gently with your hand try turning just the yolk over, I have found many a fertile egg bullseye laying on the underside of the yolks. The yolk and white will separate just set the yolk back onto the plate or dish to tell.
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