Do you change your feed in the winter ?

Lori J

5 Years
Jun 18, 2017
When hens are not laying because it’s winter, should I change their feed? They are three-four years old freerangers and I have just been feeding them Purina layena feed year round. does anybody recommending changing their feed during non-laying season?
I'm not a fan of layer. I don't like feeding extra calcium to birds that aren't laying, it just doesn't seem right. I feed a meatbird crumble to everyone year-round (with oyster shell in the pens with older birds). I keep thinking of adding either scratch or whole oats to it at various times, but never manage to. I've tried adding the oats and they just don't want them. Considered grinding them. But then we're approaching extra work :lau
Simple, I like simple! It's not necessary to complicate something unnecessarily. There's already enough to do, so I rely on the experts for feed, and then don't worry about it.
Basically! I have too much time at work to think is the problem, so I wonder if maybe I should mix this or that, cut the protein down, yada yada. Then I get home and think, "Nahhhhh, not messing with that."

I would really like to grind a bag of scratch grains up in order to cut the feed in the heat of summer and through the low laying periods in the winter, but I'd have to take it to my friend's house to do it and then we get into effort again. When they're whole, the birds just fight over them first.
I also have 4 six month old Orpington’s. Maybe I will switch them all to that an offer shell.
All my birds, young, old everyone, eat Purina Flock Raiser all year, with oyster shell in a separate container for the actively laying hens. They free range whenever possible on our farm, and get small amounts of scratch and kitchen goodies occasionally.
I gave up feeding layer years ago, so one diet fits all...

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