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Do you dislike the word "lockdown"?

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As a former prison guard I despise the word and seldom use it. Reminds me of herding a bunch of idiots into their cells for count time. I say idiots, only because 80% were. Their were a very few that were polite and respectful when I told them it was time to go up.
Well, I rather prefer my own term IBW....Intense Bator Watch (or Intense Broody Watch, whichever).
And I don't "lockdown" at all, really, since I've been known to open the incubator to tend to things that are going nuts in there.

Actually, I usually just say "the last three days", LOL.
Having actually been in LOCKDOWN at some point in my illustrious career as an entrepeneur extraodenair, i'll admit i'm not overly fond of the term, however, i can deal with it.
And ya, i know i can't spell. I was absent the day they had that.
It sounds like a prison to me. I use it to make sure that people understand... but I never used it before BYC... and I don't use it outside of BYC.

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