Do you have in Juvenile Delinquents in your flock ? ?

math ace

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Dec 17, 2009
Jacksonville, FL
I have some POL pullets that I SWEAR
are juvenile Deliquents. They are about 5 months old.

They are with some older girls. The older girls know the routine and are faithfully obedient. NOT so with my Juvenile Deliquents. I have a nightly routine of leading the girls from their free range area to the coop every evening. I let them out of the free range area and call the girls and make little clucking noises - - like the roo. EVERYONE follows me, even the roo. They are ALL at my heels EXCEPT the Juvenile Deliquents. We all go Left and they go right. We go forward, they go backward. I say "come" and they "go away"

These girls have ALWAYS been ornery! Hence, they are my juvenile deliquents.
What breeds you ask - - -


Do you have any Juvenile Deliquents ? ? Hard Headed birds that just insist on doing it their way ! !

If so, what breeds are they?
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We raised 4 different hatches this year mostly free-ranging and I think all of them go through that stage at one time or another. We refer to the *teenagers*. They stay out late, run around, fly where they aren't supposed to. They drive our dog crazy as she tries to discipline them. Most of them grow out of it, some not soon enough!
We have EEs, orps and marans. They all do it.
I have two Black Copper Marans pullets, who aren't really JD --more the 'wild child' girls.. They are flighty--All the older hens come out of the run in a hurry but not like the devil is after them! The two BCM girls--come flying, jumping, literally BOUNCING out! Then Lord help if a leaf or twig falls!!!
My 4 BR's are the first in the coop in the evening, but one of them always stands in the doorway and refuses to let any of the other 11 in. She does it every evening until I move her away from the door so the others will climb the ramp.

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