Do you have to take a number at your local post office?

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  1. I was in a larger city Monday Morning doing some last minute Christmas and saw this PO in this little strip mall and thought i would zip in there and get my stamps, and I would be good to go. I noticed people standing around (about 12!) but didn't think much about it, just went on up to the desk. Gal behind the counter was taping a box shut for this customer and she looked all googly eyed at me, and finally said, "can I help you" and I said I just needed some stamps . . .she looked at me really googly eyed this time and said "did you take a number? You have to take a number to get waited on!!!" Then it was my turn to look googly eyed at her (I come from a town of 700 and another one where our PO is has about 200) and I laughed and said, "oh, gosh . . .where I come from you don't need to take a number" and started to turn around and leave and she leaned over the counter and said OH REALLY to me really hateful . . .i turned back around and waved my hand at her and said, "see ya'" before I got the snot beat out of me from the customers who DID have a number. Talk about feeling podunky that day!!!! I did~~Merry Christmas ya'll. [​IMG]

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    Jan 12, 2007
    Land of Lincoln
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    Ha! I have never had to take a number at the post office... no matter where I lived! [​IMG]
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    I love our PO. Very small and the clerk knows you by name and always has a smile. It is definitely a plus to live in a small town. Our population is a bit over 3000.
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    Jul 14, 2010
    I have never seen that, at any post office, of any size.

    I do, however, have to take a number at the DMV, and have had to do that in multiple states. Annoys me a wee bit to take a number when you are standing in a line anyway.
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    That's what's weird about the ones here!

    I've lived in the Bay Area most of my life and most PO have numbers. Except where I lived in Union City. hmmmmm maybe the big one had them. Don't remember. I've only lived here twoo years Christmas Eve. Man old age really makes you forgetful.

    They also have stamp machines, so usually didn't need a number for that.
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    while in los angeles the post office had a take a number thing going on but, they also had a self check out. that was grand! arm is fractured so no caps for awhile, sorry.
    our p.o. box is box 9....needles to say alot folks on the phone from a big city will laugh about that.

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    I live in a town of around 300 people. If we all go once a month, that's 10 a day.... I'm more likely to have to wake Jeff up from his nap behind the counter than get a number. [​IMG]
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    Never heard of taking numbers at the PO, but have heard rude/grumpy PO employees many times. [​IMG]
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    LOL that sounds like the DMV grouchy employees and all [​IMG]

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