Do you know any tropical vegetables/fruits/herbs that the ducks won't eat?

Dec 6, 2019
I want to have a vegetable garden but my ducks loves destroying them. :lol: :lol: Instead of the weeds. They are currently hurting my banana trees too but the bananas manage to survive enough to give me fruits and spawn some new trees.

The only Veggie I managed to plant that they ignore are moringa trees. Its a tree with edible leaves ,pods and flowers.

I successfully grew some Hyacint Beans, My ducks dont eat them.

cassava- A tuber with edible leaves and tubes, It said to be the reason why Brazilian women have big booties.

I also have hummingbird tree flowers and they look like this. They are edible and great for salads and I am happy my ducks don't eat them.

They also spared my mango trees because they are too tall.

I want to expand my vegetable garden but they killed my eggplants, tomatoes,sweet potatoes, Ube (yeah the popular instagram trend dessert root crop)Lemon trees, basil, bok choy, cabbage,onions.
(I will give these veggies and fruits a try again but I will cage these plants and make them duck proof)

Do you know any plant that produces veggies and fruits that ducks will ignore and not eat? I do not want to be limited to hyacinth beans, cassava,Moringa and hummingbird tree flowers. What veggies in your garden your duck ignores?


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Aug 26, 2018
Dallas, Georgia
If I let my ducks in my summer garden unless the plants are big and fully grown you can kiss them goodbye! Then I made another mistake and let them in my fall garden with broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts, collard greens and turnip. They destroyed them so bad I had to replant the turnips and rebuy the others...

I would suggest you fence in anything you don't want them to destroy which is just about everything.
Sep 2, 2018
Big Chimney, WV
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My Coop
Whoever wrote into those books that »Ducks are good Gardeners« was a shameless liar!
So far my ducks have eaten two large peppermint shrubs, countless tomato plants, a bunch of peppers, zucchini plants (they don't mind those nasty hairs at all!), cucumber plants and even my precious Rhubarb was dug out and swallowed whole, despite the fact that it is supposed to taste awful and is bad for their kidneys.
The only thing you can do is rigid fencing! Tried a nice soft plastic fence around the tomatoes, they would stick their long necks through and made the holes wider and wider until they suddenly popped through. And then it was bye bye tomatoes!
A sturdy wooden fence or chicken wire on well anchored posts is the only duck protection. Unless you have ducks that can fly… Then just forget about growing veggies.


Nov 15, 2018
I once saw a video of rice farmers in Japan using ducks to eat pests off the paddies, but growing your own rice doesn't sound like an economical idea, and I don't think they give the ducks access to the rice at all stages of growth anyway.

The only plants my ducks don't destroy are sturdy trees, grass, and ornamental plants that are poisonous.
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