do you know B. Cummings, artist?


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I have a really sweet print by B. Cummings of three chickens and their chicks. It was probably a water color and is dated '84. I would love to have more and a new one of this one 'cause sun has changed the color. Mine is about postcard size and is copyrighted. Any chicken knowledge on this?
Good idea (picture); I'll have to take it tomorrow. The flash is washing out the already faded print. I've googled the artist, but no help with just an initial and last name. There's no other info on the print. Thanks for the reply. Caroline
There is a Ben Cummings and a William "Bill" Cummings both artists. Google B. Cummings artist I couldn't find many examples of their art, but references to both painting animals. Both are from the western US.

Here's the photo. You can see where it has faded (it is sharper where the mat covered the print). Imp, I had googled and, at your suggestion, googled again. I tried to compare the signature of my print to the internet samples, but I couldn't see one. I really think my artist is not well known or "professional". I just like this and really want to get a fresh one. Thanks for your help, all.

Try going to ebay and searching for B Cummings. There are a few folk art prints by a B Cummings similar to yours with similar with signatures. Not exact, but close enough that I think it is the same artist.

Good luck,

Well, Imp, I went to e-bay and found other prints, but no info on the artist. I have seen the "quilt on the line" print since I'm very fond of quilts. I googled some more, but still nothing about the elusive B. Cummings; I fear he or she is overshadowed by the more famous E. E. Cummngs and, more recently, Ronald Cummings, who has been in news a whole bunch in the past year. That story is in a small town very near me. What's funny, too, is that our conversation is on the google site! Who knew we were so famous?!
Yeah, it always startles me when the thread is one of the hits.

I think I've tried about everything I can think of to find B. Cummings or the Three Chickens print. I'll post if I think of anything else.

Imp- And you gave me an idea for a new signature, Thanks.

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