Do you like just to sit and watch your flock be chickens?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by flowerchild59, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. flowerchild59

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    Apr 25, 2010
    Southern IL
    I sort of have a high stress job, and one of my destressors in life is my "chicken therapy". I just love to watch them interact with each other, get excited over goodies they find. The other day I saw a roo call over to a couple of girls when he found something special. I have heard that good roos will do that. It wa so cool to see him talking so softly to them as he pointed out his new found treasure. It just made my day. I always sat on a 5 gallon bucket out by the hen house. It is shady and peaceful. I toss them a handful of BOSS and they surround their mama and hang out for a while.
    Well yesterday we were at Sears and their patio furniture was marked down real low, I got a really nice cafe table and two chairs for about 50 bucks. It is cute as can be, I now have a comfy chair and a place for coffee. Yup. Me likey.
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  2. mercedes

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    May 4, 2010
    I HEAR YOU!!!!!My job is stressful too and I think "chicken therapy"is the best.Even cleaning the coop is relaxing to me. [​IMG] I too have a chair and table under a tree in front of the coop and use it daily,now that the weather here in texas is more tolerable. Great find at sears. [​IMG] enjoy.
  3. TN_BIRD

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    Mar 15, 2011
    I've been known to grab a beer and my corn cob pipe and sit under the shade tree for a bit. When I'm feeling real adventurous, I'll grab a handful of bird seed for them.

    Nutin like some chicken TV. [​IMG]

    I got some pigeons and they too are neat to watch. I just wish I had the space for some rollers (they fly in a flock n do somersaults....real neat to watch a flock of them flying).
  4. MomKat

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    Apr 17, 2011
    Mobile, AL
    Absolutely! I also have a "high stress" job (inner city inclusion teacher) and when I sit and watch my chooks in the evening, I can actually feel my blood pressure dropping. It helps my family, too - I can commune with the chickens for a while, and then I'm not as inclined to unload on them when I go in, and I can be a Mom instead of a stress-monster. Chicken therapy is definitely cheaper and better than the human kind! [​IMG]
  5. jenni22776rn

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    Mar 6, 2011
    Central Maine
    [​IMG] I call it my "chicken zen"! it is my most favorite thing to do after a long day at work. if for some reason I do not make it out there to spend some zen time..I feel so bummed!! I have a chair with stool right in their coop area and love it when they stop in and sit in my lap for a few minutes and hang out on my shoulders...never knew that having chickens could be just so relaxing!
  6. tinydancer87

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    Apr 5, 2011
    SE Georgia
    I was just in my coop this morning, sitting in a folding chair as the faverolle hens pecked my shoelaces, the sebright rooster on his side with his legs out in the sun, the barred rock hen rolling in the dirt. I could sit out there for hours, lol.
  7. flyboy129

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    Jul 27, 2011
    I agree! I do the same thing. When I had ducks and geese, I would watch them as well. It was almost like the chickens were regular people, the ducks were the police and would break up pecking order quibbles between the chicks and roos,( especially any mating attempts) [​IMG] and I considered the geese as the mafia type. It was super comical. Now that I am married, I just have a pair of chickens and a small pen. I love to sit outside and watch them. Especially when I feed them treats. My roo is awesome to watch. Some days when my DW is stressed from work and needs "some space" I will go out and talk with them. Am I crazy? Maybe... Am I happy? Absolutely! [​IMG]
  8. Mommy 2 Wee Ones

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    May 19, 2011
    North Texas
    I like when I am working around the yard or building something, and they come over to check it out. Or when I come out & they all race towards me with their skirts a flying to see if I have a snack for them.
    They just bring the whole world into perspective, nothing beats, sitting down & watching your chickens at the end of a long hard stressful day.
  9. daver

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    Mar 11, 2011
    Linden, NC

  10. kuntrygirl

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    Feb 20, 2008
    Opelousas, Louisiana
    I enjoy doing the same thing.

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