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5 Years
Apr 29, 2014
I’m in desperate need of a roll away nest box! I’ve been eyeballing them for several months and here’s why. There is a saboteur among my hens... one of them has an appetite for the unborn and no self control! If I am a minute late collecting, I only collect the shells. They’re very pretty, however, I’d love to collect the insides as well. I’m attempting to collect for my opal legbar project as well as my sons science fair project. Please consider my plea... do it for the babies!


Jul 1, 2019
Savoy, MA
My hen keeps stepping on /laying on and crushing her own eggs! Then her sweet white feathers get all yolky and turn sticky and yellow. Currently she lays in a plastic bin turned sideways which is not efficient and flips over on her sometimes.
This nest box would be perfect for her!


Oct 22, 2019
Can you say salmonella? Roll away nesting boxes are the cleanest way to keep your eggs.
I would love to have a roll away nesting box. I have six chickens now and am planning to add six more in the spring. I clean my nesting boxes but somehow overnight some chicken decides nesting boxes are perfect private potties. :(


Dec 5, 2015
Adding an Urban Egg 3 Hole Rollaway nesting box to our coop would be just the thing our flock needs! We have 21 birds at the moment, but that doesn't include the 4 chicks with their mother nor the 30 chicks in the incubator!! We are about to have an even fuller house so more nesting boxes, particularly this one, are going to become a necessity.

We have a mix of both laying hens (Wyandottes, Australorps, Brahmas, and Marans are among the assortment) and bearded Silkies (in black and blue). Our laying girls give us
such a large amount of eggs that we can't eat them all! Friends and family are more than willing to take them, but dirty nesting boxes are proving to be an unexpected side effect of having so many ladies in one coop. Lately, we have been forced to toss many of the eggs collected and a Rollaway nesting box would be beneficial for everyone who loves to help us eat the eggs (and us as well)!

Secondly, my daughters have taken it upon themselves to start their own business breeding their Silkies and selling the chicks and eggs. They are keeping records and learning about genetics through it all but are having issues collecting clean eggs also for their incubation and selling purposes. At the moment they only have a small number of hens laying, but many of the 30 chicks in the incubator will soon be added to their flock! After some time, we will need a new coop and nesting boxes for their Silkies, and if we win this Urban Egg 3 Hole Rollaway Nesting box, it will go to the Silkies in about 6 months. Consequently, this will lighten the amount of chickens in the laying hen coop which would solve the problem of dirty eggs for them as well!

Finally, these past couple months we have had some issues with egg eaters. We regularly lose eggs, shell and all. The only sign there was ever any egg is some yellow shavings! I know for a fact that a rollaway nesting box would be the remedy for this predicament.

Until the time that our Silkies are moved out, this nesting box will allow us to get clean eggs and more eggs! Eggs for eating will always be used and enjoyed by my family and those around us -- the more we get the more we can share! This nesting box will also allow my three daughters to collect and incubate ALL the eggs laid by their Silkies! All our worries about dirty eggs or egg-eaters will be dissolved if you choose us to receive this Urban Egg 3 Hole Rollaway Nesting Box.
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