Do you recycle?

Do you recycle?

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8 Years
Aug 26, 2011
Whenever I have my hands on a clean container or plastic bag, I can't seem to bring myself to put it in the bin.
Over here, our recycling bin is usually fuller than the blue one.
My friends all know I collect their drink cans so I can sell them at the depot for 10c each.

Those bins that have "LANDFILL" instead of "GENERAL WASTE" written on them work really well on people like me.

I am frequently guilted into finding some other trivial use for it.
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I recycle.
Near me, our tip is really good. It sells the stuff that still works that people dump, and the worker actually go through the rubbish to see what they can recycle. It doesn't stink there. It's the only dump in Australia that actually earns money.
I've heard of places that do that. Impressive! I've seen all sorts of stuff in the trash that's nowhere near its "use by" date.
I have to drive my recycling items 10 miles to a collection center, so I do that every three weeks or so. I can recycle metal, plastic, paper and cardboard. The company will not take glass, as the sorting requirements are too strict for them to make a profit from it. I would have to pay to recycle glass, and at this point I don't do that, so it just goes in with general garbage. I am willing to pay to drive the other items for recycling. We have just moved to a family property which has been vacant for about 40 years, so I am still cleaning out various dump sites on the property, and recycling everything I can. Unfortunately, the county has no garbage dump, so people just dumped whatever they could wherever no one would notice! So far have not found anything I could reuse, except for one drinking glass and one china teacup.
We reuse all manners of food packaging. Most of our packaged-food cartons end up as food or water holders for the chickens.
We re-use, re-purpose, recycle! If we recycle, we can go to our local waste disposal for free. Frequently, we can take a large trash-can full of waste (every 3-4 weeks) for free. If we recycle our cardboard, glass, tin, steel cans, misc. paper - they make money. We recycle our aluminum to a scrapyard and turn it in for $. I recycle everything I can! Not just trash.
I'm so used to the truck coming every Tuesday morning to empty the bins, while some of you take it yourself! Wow, that must be different.

And who was it that voted no?
(Just kidding, I'm just having a bit of a joke.
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I reuse everything I can then the rest of it is recycled. I don't waste any lumber either. Limbs are made into mulch as is the leaves. Manure is fertilizer and the non-edible hay, stubble, is used for nesting material. Oh I almost forgot, I convert used motor oil, transmission fluid, and used cooking oil into diesel fuel, especially the cooking oil.
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