Do you think I could get by with this????


13 Years
Jul 10, 2010
Stonington, illinois
Our feed store is getting chicks any day. Went in there night before last and they have everything set up. I told DH and now (jokingly of course) he has forbid me to go in there til the chicks are gone. It couldnt be because I have 17 chicks in the brooder and 10 more in the incubator not to mention 6 duck eggs in there too. Well I really want some bantam buff cochins, not even sure if they will have them. Do you think I could sneak a few in the brooder without him knowing? He is not usually very observant about the chickies. besides that once they are here what can he do.
You know thats what I will do... Im a little stinker, and I'll just give him the puppy dog look and he'll crumble.
Sorry. I can't help you. Stopped into TSC for PDZ, last night, and left with three red sexlinks and three BRs. DH didn't know until he got home, by which time they were already in the brooder, in the office.
Went to TSC Springfield and they said they expected chicks Monday. They were out of Flock Raiser and had to settle for Layena for now. Hubby said no chicks unless our broody moms are doing the job!
A few days ago I bought some barred rocks and buff orpingtons to put in the brooder with out mutts that were just hatched and the same age. When DH checked on the chicks with me, he said 'hey, some more black ones hatched!'. He would never have known if I hadn't fessed up...
Well... I told him I was going to the feed store today to get some more chick starter and scratch. He didnt say anything about chicks sooo... In my mind if you dont say anything that means its ok. DD says thats the little kid loophole.
So I may post pics tonight if they have some and if I find some I cant live without and if they just happen to follow me home
We currently have only one car, and mine has threatened to go into the office *every single day* (he usually works from home a couple days a week) until the chicks are gone from the feed stores. Why? I only ordered 6 this year!

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