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  1. cluckcluckluke

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    I have Mites that are living on the chickens and in their nest boxing material.

    I have been told to dust them twice with a 10 day gap, I only have time to dust them on week ends so do you think I could dust them 1 week between dusting or 2 weeks?

    Will any of these be possible in the destruction of these horrible little
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    I'm not that good with mites but I would try to do anything you can do. I had mites and dusted, but at the same time removed all straw and replaced it with new straw and put DE in with it. I only had to do this twice and I never saw them again. I guess it depends on the infestation. I think I caught mine early.
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    Do it every week with mites (not two weeks) due to the life cycle. If you don't change out all the nesting material also they might come right back (happens to me). I use poultry dust (permethrin). You need to treat the coop also- with permethrin spray or poultry dust.

    I use sand in the floor of my coops now and scoop with kitty litter scoop to get poo out every day. I feel that I have fewer mites in there than with shavings (fewer infestations I mean).
  4. cluckcluckluke

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    My Infestation is pretty large. I have done HEAPS, much more than what you guys have said. So hopefully my extreme cleaning has done the job. Tomorrow I will dust each chicken with a mixture of Sulfur and either Limestone, dirt or flour.

    I will also put new Temporary material back into the nest boxes and on the floor of my coop and dust that to with my sulfur mix.

    Then 1 week later as you suggest I will dust all the hens again clean out and renew the nest boxes and then add more flooring to my coop mixed in with more Sulfur. It sounds like a plan to But do you think this will work???
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    Why not use poultry dust or Sevin dust? I mean you want to kill the things for sure. Some bugs don't give up easy and mites are one of the hardest things to kill without the use of chemicals.
  6. cluckcluckluke

    cluckcluckluke Overrun With Chickens

    I live in Australia, so I don't have Sevin products. My local feed store only has 1 duster for lice and mites, The main ingredient is sulfur. This small tub of dust costs $18 AU while a 1 kg bag of Sulfur cost $4.00.

    I am not going all organic just trying to save some cash and seeing as the dust they sell us cost like 5 times more than a bag of sulfur, you would have to be crazy not to try it. I am also prepared to dust them a 3rd time if I see now improvement.

    On my second dusting I will use DE, so the mites will get an extra

    I have a friend who also dusts their chickens AND goats with sulfur and it works for them.

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