Doctor Who? Torchwood?


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Feb 25, 2009
How many other Whovians are there around here? I love Doctor Who and Torchwood (and that yummy Captain Jack Harkness) and thought I'd see who else has the bug!
I LOVE Doctor Who. Tom Baker was my first Doctor, and my favorite Doctor, until David Tennant. I am heartbroken that he is leaving us, but I guess we will see how Matt Smith does. Torchwood I tolerate, didn't like some of the characters. I like the Sarah Jane Adventures, too. Have you seen those? More kiddie, but fun for sure.
I saw a few of the Sarah Jane Adventure episodes but didn't really get into it. I love Torchwood, though. I can't wait for the new series to come out in July (it'll be on BBC America, too). It's supposed to be a little less adult because it's airing on BBC One in GB instead of BBC Three, so it's for a broader audience. No more 'adult appetite alien' episodes like Day One from the first series. That episode was crazy.
Sarah Jane was one of my favorite companions from the first series, and I was furious with Tom Baker's Doctor for abandoning her, so that is why I enjoyed her show.

It isn't the adult content that bothers me with Torchwood, I just really couldn't stand Owen, and I don't particularly like Gwen. I don't know if I will keep watching or not, because I DID like Tosh, so while we got rid of Owen, we lost Tosh, too, sooooo.... My mom loves Torchwood best of all, so she will be watching for sure.

Is the Day One episode the one with the people that umm, turned to sand?
That one was pretty good. I really didn't care for the one where the people in the town were harvesting people and eating them. If they'd have been aliens, ok, that kinda thing happens, but they were humans, that was the freaky part.
My whole family loves Dr.Who. David Tennant is fantastic. The show ranges from fun to extremely creepy (Blink) with a minimum of filler episodes. I miss Rose, but Martha Jones was good, too. John Simm was genius as The Master - cute and creepy at the same time.
Yeah, Day One was where they were turned to sand...or as Captain Jack put it 'they came and went'.

Yeah, Owen was a bit of a prat. I couldn't get past the shape of his mouth, either, which is rather unfair of me. I do enjoy Gwen's character, but in re-watching it I found a few things that bothered me about Eve Myles' acting. Did you not like her because of her cheating on Rhys? Or is it just her acting style?

And the harvesting one freaked me out, too. The prop people did a very convincing and rather disgusting job of it. *shudder*

I know that a lot of people don't like Torchwood because of it's progressive attitude towards relationships, but I think I've learned a lot from Captain Jack as a character--I think it's awesome that he's open to love from all angles. It must be nice to be 'omni' rather than 'hetero' or 'bi'. He cracks me up.
I am not a major Torchwood fan, but honestly it has nothing to do with its take on relationships (which I didn't even really notice, to be honest, and certainly have no objection to as content). It was because the show lacks much of the humor and snappy dialog that Dr Who has. I loved the Jack character in Dr Who, especially his love for love of all types and his lively demeanor. But, somehow the character didn't seem to transfer to his new show with the same charm and wit that he had in Dr. Who. It just seemed to lack that hard to define "spark" to me that the other shows had. I can appreciate why others like it, but it just didn't grab me.

Understand, I am really really really picky and have very eclectic taste. So, to each his own. I am a big fan of a number of British shows : The Darling Buds of May, Life on Mars, Foyle's War and many other mystery series, etc. We are in the midst of "Midsomer Murders" and enjoying them thoroughly.
Oh man, I wish I lived in GB, because then I would have much easier access (maybe even legal access) to a bunch of shows I love...The Good Life (Good Neighbors here), Red Dwarf, ummm...To The Manor Born...there are more that I can't think of right now at 12:30am.

Plus all of the extra marketing things! Not too much comes our way, I mean yeah I can get a sonic screwdriver, but how about a TARDIS wardrobe? They sell that in the UK. Not that I can afford anything, but I could go into a shop and gaze adoringly.

Anyway, just wanted to spread the Time Lord love.
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Oh, man, Blink. I'm rewatching everything right now as I knit a scarf, and I think I'm going to skip that one. *shiver* I skipped The Idiot's Lantern with Rose, too. *eep* I love the Doctor to no end, but I have to be in the perfect mood to watch those. For some reason I loved The Empty Child, though, even though the first time I watched it I was hiding behind my husband's shoulder half of the episode.
We love torchwood & Dr who... I thought Jack was a great character, although he would gross my hubby out a little bit every now and then
Sure, it would be ok if it was the other way around! We changed our satellite provider to save on $, and we no longer get BBCA
I guess we can still watch it on Hulu though

I loved David Tennant as Dr. Who. But man, what is up with all the different "roses"? They need to find somebody who can stay on for more than a few episodes! You finally get used to the new person, and poof, they upload the Dr's brain into their head and have to forget everything...

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