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    Hi all--I have been having a very rough time with my goats this season! I had one with a leg back that strangled because I was at work. Another was born (I think dead) with a swollen neck and today another one was born(this time alive) and it also has a swollen neck! Has anyone ever dealt with "milk Goiter" I think that is what it is but I am not sure. Here is a pic:

    Another view:

    THe swelling seems painful if pressed. It also seems a bit warm. The baby is nursing fine. Any ideas on this? I have been raising goats for 23 years and have never had this before. THanks very much! Terri O
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    if she was born with it its not a milk goiter. looks like what i have had issues with in my boer goats. which is a Iodine deficiency. in either kids do they have thinner hair than normal(even the dead one)

    the fix is simple. just get some 7% iodine that you dip umbilical cords in , paint it on the under side of the goats tail. any bare skin( some times the under side of the ears too just dont let it drip into the ear canal!!) it willl help i think and i bet you will see the lumps decreasing in size in a matter of a few days. dont squeeze the lumps they are lymphnodes. the iodine should do the trick! good luck if you need any more help let me know
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    Jun 20, 2009
    Rigby, Idaho
    just bumping this up making sure you have seen my reply. hope your little doeling is ok!
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    I asked the pres of our goat club about your little one. She said either goiter or it could be an injury from her birth. How is she doing?
    I lost a little goat this year. It was a twin and the other was fine. The stillborn had the cord wrapped tight around it's back leg and it was so tight that it closed off and the baby died in utero. It didn't have any hair at all. It was very small like a premie.
    I hope your luck improves.
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    try here for more info on what could be ailing her
    hope she gets better poor baby!
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    She did pass away the first nigh I am sorry to say. I have one more doe to kid. Do you think I should paint her with Iodine BEFORE she gives birth? Seeing as I have already had 2 that were born with this from different moms already? I dont get why they would all of a sudden have a deficiency...nothing at all has changed from the past years! Thanks for the advice! Terri O
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    i would if i were you it wouldnt hurt. then as soon as the kids are born paint them also. we had never had an iodine deficency in 15 years except for one year.. and luckily i was able to save all my kids, but my neighbors wasnt so lucky. her kids were born still born and hairless, and did not come out in the right position i had to go in after them. we havent had a issue since, but jsut to be careful, make sure that the salt block they have has iodized salt in it.

    so paint under her tail a few times and watch closly for kidding. hoping you have healthy kids!! i hate it when we loose some.. i know you will loose some, but still its not fun!

    hugs and good luck!

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