Does a place like this exist?

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    You know, no one EVER has anything good to say about Jersey. Even the people who live there always say how much they hate it. What makes it so bad? And why do people continue to stay there, because it sounds horrible! Bad smells, gross water, dirty places, rude people, what is there to attract you?

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    We need more poultry people! Portland is also just about the coolest city I've ever been in. Very friendly....but a lot of weirdos too. [​IMG]
    Living in Portland with chickens is fairly normal, just to give you an idea.
    This year was the most extreme we've ever had. Highest temp:111 Lowest:10 and about 2 foot of snow. Keep in mind that we live in the Coast range, in the valley it doesn't change as much. Normally, it just rains all winter, and well into the summer. One year there was a bit of a flood issue, but only really in Vernonia.
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    Silverton, Salem, Eugene, Grant's Pass.... they all fit your bill... with less rain the further south you go.
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    Volcanoes... sheesh it's been decades.

    And yes, The Gorge is the best place to watch concerts. It's so beautiful it's surreal.

    I've lived in Oregon and didn't see nearly as much rain as we get here. If you really like rain, you should head to the Hoh rainforest:


    And even if you can't make it living there while going to school, you sure can visit!

    Bellingham has Western Washington University:

    Easier from WWU to find some land than it would be from any of the Seattle Universities.

    If you want a really cool place to live you should check out Evergreen Sate College

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