Does a place like this exist?


11 Years
Oct 5, 2008
Madisonville, KY
I'm going to be graduating highschool in the spring, and although I have eight more years of school ahead of me I'm thinking about where I want to live in the future. I want it to be a place that has:

No severe weather (tornados, hurricanes, frequent or severe earthquakes, etc.)

Friendly people

LOTS of rain. I love the rain, and it puts me in a great mood. I wouldn't care if it rained two thirds of the year or more.

Some country, but city too.

Definitly animal friendly

Pretty modereate temps, no extreme heat or cold.

Does a place like that exist?
You want to live where I live! Yes, it does exist.
I live in WI and I immediately thought Portland or Seattle! I hear the areas around Mt Hood are beautiful and rural enough, but close enough to be able to get to the city.
Notice that they are saying western Washington. I lived in Spokane Washington and the weather is different on the east side of the state. It is more dry. It was still a lovely place with nice people but probably not where you want to live.

I never got to visit the western side of the state before the military transferred us.
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The pictures of western washington are so beautiful! I think it would be amazing there. Is it an expensive place to live? I don't think I would ever be happy in the city, but I would definatly want to live very close to it. I would never be able to do without dozens of animals running around my property. I started the summer with 21 outside cats, over 50 chickens, and about 14 ducks. That's not even counting the dogs, goats, and other critters. Now I'm down to 5 male cats (all finally fixed. Whoo!) 9 ducks, and about 10 chickens.
south central KY - but we do get the occasional tornado. Winter is rain - not much snow. Temps average around 35 daytime in winter - sometimes up to 45. Gets really cold for a couple weeks every January (down in the teens or twenties)

Summer can be muggy, temps can go to 100+ but not over 110.

Although, right now it feels more like September in Michigan than Kentucky
having a weird year, here with the weather.

eta - where is madisonville? you got to come down by us, it is much nicer down here
I'm about two counties from the TN line.

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