Does anybody else HATE eating?


Completly Hopeless
13 Years
Dec 6, 2009
Southwestern Washington State
If I eat before about 10:30 am, I feel nauseous.
By dinner time, I just want to go to bed.
The only meal I can handle is lunch. It's been like this for years, and I inherited it from my mother.
Plus, cooking dirties the kitchen, and then you have to do the dishes afterwards... Does anybody else think we should just find a way to survive on air?
Or am I just really weird?
I go through periods like that. Eating gets in my way sometimes, it requires me to cook especially if I don't feel well, and while food tastes good, and I enjoy family time during meals, when I'm lucky enough to get it, the eating itself can be bothersome.
I like eating, but only if I like whatever it is and someone else made it. If I have to make a meal, it's cold nachos or nothing.

Someone had better figure out how to make living on air possible really soon!
My mom jokes about how when I'm tired, I'm too wimpy to even chew.

Or maybe not air.... Perhaps we could just have cute little tablets we swallow every morning? That contain all the nutrients we need?
I can do water. In the mornings, water is okay, and sometimes juice.
I'm in the your weird camp. I love to cook, though I rarely eat very much anymore. I eat breakfast, though not much. Always a big lunch, rarey dinner, but I love to cook!
me too (but thats why my butt needs its own postal code

Yeah, me too.
But I just figure it's muscle, I just store mine around my waist.. It gets in the way having big muscles on your arms, too hard to get the fork to my mouth if I stored it there.

Besides, I'm in shape.

I looked it up... round is a shape.
You sound like my brother. He hates to get out of bed unless I say something along the lines of, "I made pancakes." Then he's downstairs faster than I am. In his PJs, no less.

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