Does anybody know about this breed

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12 Years
Sep 26, 2010
South Georgia
Does anybody know anything about this breed of chicken its called a Pumpkin Hulsey gamefowl. I was thinking about buying some but i dont know anything about them. If i bought some i would want to sell hatching eggs. Is this breed considered rare and would people likely want the eggs... Are they good layers and are they friendly?
Thank you in advance
You could look at greenfire. They have some...I believe that they are considered game fowl and I could not judge whether or not they would sell well, as I have no experience with them. Great luck. Nancy
Good Pumpkins are nice looking birds. If you get Real Pumpkin Hulsey Fowl you will have to keep the cockerels separated.
Before you go spending money on the "Pumpkin Hulsey" that Greenfire Farms you may want to reed up on them and about the "Pumpkin Hulsey" that Greenfire Farms has.
From what I read and herd Greenfire Farms Pumpkin Hulsey's aren't worth the money they are asking for them.
Here is two links and the second link talks about Greenfire's Hulsey's. You will have to do some reading but it is in there...


They are indeed a rare variation, a beautiful bird, and quite rooster-aggressive though.

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