Does anyone buy from Modesto Milling Organic Feed?


7 Years
Dec 10, 2012
Primarily for you "Central-state" Californians out there - although perhaps some of you
order out of state - do any of you order feed from Modesto Milling in Modesto, CA?
Spoke with one of their reps earlier today. Seemed solid and knowledgable. Also,
the prices look very competitive (especially for organics).

I'm heading out this weekend to replenish the stocks and would love to know your
thoughts on the Mill's goods prior to making a run.

Thx in advance,

Walnut Creek, CA

I find posts from 2010 and earlier but nothing leading me to believe there's a preponderance of
MM buyers. Does anyone buy their feed? Reasons not to? Issues? Other?

Are there better local brands/Mills?

Walnut Creek, CA
I feed MM to my chickens and goats and they all love it. My LF get the soy and corn free Layer pellets and my bantams the 22% chick grower. I also get their BOSS, oyster shells, grits, scratch, flax seed, etc... The feed smells really good and I had never had an issue. I really recommend their products.
I've fed MM for the past 3+ years. It's all I've ever fed to my flock here in AZ, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but the birds really seem to like it.
I just got my first bag of the Modesto Mills organic, soy-free, corn-free feed. Almost changed my mind at the last minute because the store only had it in pellets and not crumble, and I had heard that once chickens got used to crumble they wouldn't switch to pellets.
I need not have worried; they scarfed it up! The texture and color seems more like rabbit pellets than the chicken feed they've been eating (Manna-Pro Egg Layer Crumble) which was yellowish and much smaller.
This is the first brand of organic I've seen in my area, so I jumped at it. I even considered making my own combo of stuff from scratch, but that's more effort than I put into feeding my husband at dinner!
I feed their pellets to my ducks. It smells like anise. My dog likes it too -- both fresh and... pre-digested.
I live in southern Oregon and I drive 50 miles one-way down into California to obtain Modesto Mills' feed. I find it's an outstanding feed, and substantially better than the locally-produced Rogue Valley feeds I could easily obtain here in my own area. My fowl love it, and do extremely well on it. Highly recommended without reservation!

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