Does Anyone else have a Bantam this Tiny?


9 Years
Aug 15, 2010
I have a Quail Antwerp Belgium Pullet, She is 5 Months old and is so TINY, she is only one sixth the size of the other Bantams.
A Robin is bigger than she is,
I will send pictures of anyone who doesn't believe how Tiny this lil Bird really is. I can't imagine how she would ever
lay an egg or hatch out any babies.
Has anyone out there seen this before? I baught her at a Purebred hatchery.
She is extremely friendly, Please anyone know why she is so Tiny?
I have yet to ever know a hatchery who actually does "pure" breeding.

As with her size, it is likely just a trait that went through their stock, or a deficiency she experienced as a chick or inside the egg.

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