Does anyone else have a problem with their polish crested chickens??


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Mar 21, 2010
I have five chickens and one is a white crested polish. Its a fancy chick with big black and white feathers that are on the top
of its head. They cover her eyes and she looks like she is wearing a fancy hat. Anyway they are about 9 weeks now and I am noticing that she doesnt see very well and doesnt keep up with the others. The other chicks always stay together but they dont seem to care so much if she isint with them. Sometimes I find her just laying by herself out in the yard or last night she was out in the caged in area of the coop. We have a poop door and we put them all in their last night (just like every night) but this morning she was out and laying on the ground sleeping. Thank God!! I first thought she was a goner because no one has ever gotten out before until we open it in the morning. I assume she squeezed through and pushed herself out. Anyway is this normal with these kind of birds ??? Can you trim back the hair around the eyes???? Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated. Thanks
LOL, welcome to the Polish chicken. Yes you can trim back their Topknot so they can see better, Some people do the Mohawk look, LOL. It often gets in their way and slows them down... both physically and mentally I think, LOL.
My polish is an interesting character - and yes, there is a vision issue with the feathers. (which makes her much more skittish than the rest). I have heard you can trim their top hats (unless you want to show the bird) and I suspect that would alleviate the vision issues significantly. The laying outside and not staying with the group is more concerning however, as chickens are very social animals. Is your polish still eating and drinking? Pooping? If all of that seems normal, just keep an eye on him/her. If they are not eating or drinking you will probably want to seperate and start some health management protocol. Good luck!
ive seen pics of ppl that have theres trimmed or kept with a rubber band but mine are fine without and 1 has an eye infection or something they dont play well with the other hens becouse the other hens sneak up in front of them
We have lots of Polish too and always getting the feathers in the water and hanging down. We either cut or rubber band them. If showing I would band cuz it takes a few months to grow back. Good luck!

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