Does anyone else have parrotlets?

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Sep 28, 2009
I was wondering if anyone else has parrotlets? I bought 2 as sisters but, I believe them to be a pair due to their behaviors.......
. I was hoping to get them friendly enough to be handled. Is this possible? They are so cute and fun to watch.


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May 18, 2011
It will be difficult if not impossible to hand tame if you have two caged together. Even then I am not for sure how tame they will be. I have heard of very tame ones but most I jave seen are not as friendly.But they are very fun even if not hand tame. And if you have a pair thtas great,you can raise some. That is a fun project!

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Apr 14, 2011
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Yep, we have a single Pacific green Parrotlet female. She was purchased to be my son's bird - but guess who she decided to love? Argh! Why me?!

She's now about 3 1/2yrs old. Hoping she'll have a good long life with us - her picture below, she was 'doin the dance' or head wriggle, as she was SO happy! She especially does it when we give her plain cheerios.


If you have a pair, please be aware that they will NOT bond to you. The male Parrotlet has dark blue markings on their wings. Do a quick google search for pictures from breeders and you'll be able to spot the difference pretty quickly.

Please look into possibility of selling any offspring prior to starting to breed. You can 'thwart' some mating if you limit their hours of sunlight. Just as chickens require a certain number of hours of light in order to produce eggs - so do Parrotlets. If ours is 'up' more than 12hrs she gets REALLY cranky! We've had her now just about 2yrs, and she's never laid an egg because of limiting light (we get her up at 8am, she goes to bed at 8pm).

They're really wonderful little birds! Enjoy yours!


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Jun 18, 2009
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I realize this post is a bit old,but I thought I'd kick it in the butt. The nest box should be outside the cage. When the bird is looking out the nest box hole, they should only see the inside of there cage(Not other birds, TV or Window) Breeding Parrotlet's should not be allowed to see other parrotlet's. Some times the male will kill the female if he can see others. I have an extra female I'd like to find a male for. If any one has 1 for sale or trade in my area.


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Jan 10, 2013
My wife breeds them as well. You can put the box at the bottom of a large cage. Worked just fine as long as they can't see any other birds. My wife did this until she upgraded to breeder cages and expanded her operation. She started with one breeding pair, now she has six.

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