Does anyone have an explanation as to why my pekin duckling’s beak is white (ish)?


Jun 20, 2021

My other 8 pekin ducklings have orange beaks, but this one has a white(ish?) looking beak. For as long as I can remember, it has always been white. He doesn’t show any signs of illness or anything. Could there be cross breeding going on or something? I bought my 6 weeks old ducklings online from tsc.
I had an order of 4 Jumbo pekins from Metzer and one was like that... everyone on here said white layer and she wound up being at least 3/4 of the size of the JP hen and has a vastly different (better) personality. She still hasn't even started laying yet but I think White layer too and I also think that the same thing happened to you!

Edit: Shes in the foreground for comparison. We affectionately call her Pinkie. She's best friends with our female Pilgrim Goose, Pebbles. Pinkie and Pebbles rule the yard with iron fists.


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